OPTION for Current 10th Graders re: ITE 115

ITE 115, “Introduction to Computer Applications and Concepts”, is a required one semester course to be taken by ACA students in their senior year or summer before senior year. However, there is an option to test out of it. We encourage students interested in taking the competency exam to take it by the end of this summer because the current exam uses Windows 7 and Office 2013, but it will be switching over to Windows 10 and Office 2016 at the beginning of the fall.  
Tenth grade students interested in testing out by this summer, should do the following:
-Notify me in either through email or in person that you are interested in taking it by this summer. 
-Prepare for the exam – Review the ITE115 Prep Presentation (you will get this from me) to find out what you will be tested on.
-When you are ready to take the test, you will take a testing disc to one of the Reynolds Testing Centers (Parham Road or Downtown). You will need to bring a photo ID and your Reynolds student ID number (I have this if you have misplaced it). I will be sending a follow up email regarding how you get the testing disc after I have a list of students who are interested in taking it by this summer.
-YOU MUST PRINT YOUR RESULTS AND BRING THEM TO ME. Without your scores, I cannot get you out of taking ITE 115.
-Hanover County Public Schools is generously covering the cost of the competency exam for those who wish to take it. If you don’t test out, you will have one more chance to do so if you wish. You would be responsible for paying for the second attempt, which is $26. You can also postpone to take it this summer and take it at anytime if you wish, however I strongly encourage those interested to take it this summer due to it being on Windows 7 and Office 2013. Of course, you have the option to take ITE 115 senior year or the summer before. 
I will be meeting with 10th graders this week to go over this information and give them each a packet so they can see what it covers (the one that is attached). 
Please contact me at eroerink@reynolds.edu if you have any questions!

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